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"The given key was not present in the dictionary" when run samle

first post: trocphunc wrote: thanks u for DACwhen i try your sample, an error is "The given key ...

latest post: mteheran wrote: I have the same error, the component is very good but has that ble...

Thanks for EmitCF

first post: zhong_zhaofeng wrote: Thanks for EmitCF (!!!

The article 'Data Access Component'

first post: zhong_zhaofeng wrote: The article 'Data Access Component'by zhongzf is now available at: ...

Thanks for NDoc and NDoc-Enhanced.

first post: zhong_zhaofeng wrote: Thanks for NDoc and NDoc-Enhanced!

Performance test result

first post: johnson_zhong wrote: There is a progam tested insert, select, update and delete 1000 ~ 1...

Thanks for project.

first post: johnson_zhong wrote: Thanks for project. And the...

thanks for Smart Code Generator (Asp.Net) project

first post: zhong_zhaofeng wrote: thanks for  Smart Code Generator (Asp.Net) project. http://smartco...

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